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john st.
john st. Minecraft Edition

Role: CW / AD

When the world won’t let you party, you build a new world.

john st. was turning 20. COVID was turning 1. Which are both big deals, but for vastly different reasons. We wanted to celebrate this milestone but in a way that was a) responsible b) not illegal c) not on Zoom. So we enlisted a crew of Minecraft Builders to create a 1:1 replica of the john st office (but in Minecraft) and invited everyone to our office rager (but in Minecraft).  

And this party had everything.

As the saying goes, “When in Minecraft.” We used every in-game function we could to make this party one that lasts an eternity (in that it’s saved on a server forever). There were side quests to complete, easter eggs hidden throughout, and office dogs that you could unfortunately kill. There was no way around that part - we looked into it!



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