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United Way

Role: CW / AD

You can’t solve a problem that you don’t know exists.

United Way is unlike any other charity - they tackle many issues instead of just one. They support communities from the ground up, targeting hyper-local issues like from poverty, hunger, domestic violence, and social isolation. Their biggest problem: Canadians don’t know how bad these issues really are.

United Way x Pantone®

Through a partnership with the Pantone® Color Institute, we created a custom colour specifically designed to get your attention. A neon coral orange that stops you in your tracks, but invites you into a conversation. It turns out, most bright colours are polarizing, like neon yellow. Who knew! (Pantone)

“When people aren’t noticing the issues around them, you have to try something new. That’s where art thrives.” 

- Malika Favre, Illustrator

Following the long standing tradition of art for social change, we enlisted world-renowned illustrator Malika Favre to combine her bold, graphic style with our custom colour to create 8 unique pieces of art, each representative of an issue that’s being ignored.

Can a colour make someone
feel helpless?

As part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, we created an interactive installation to emulate the feelings of isolation, helplessness, and uncertainty that millions of Canadians feel every day. Its ominous (and heavily instagrammable) presence was unignorable, with people waiting over an hour to get in.



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