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5 years of Top Comic campaigns.
1 sorta long page. 

Every year, stand-up comedians from across the country fight for the most laughs in SiriusXM’s Top Comic competition. And for the last 5 years, we’ve been tasked at creating a new campaign that outperforms the last. It’s not easy, but it’s the only time where the awful things we think become ads you’re forced to see. 

Get a Funnier Perspective

Role: ACD

Bird or butt? That’s the question.

Anything can be funny. Yes, even a fedora - widely considered to be the worst hat of all. This year, we used minimalist illustrations to show that if we all had the knack for seeing the funnier side of everything like our Top Comics do, then we’d all lead better, more humour-filled lives.



Role: CW / AD

Who said that electroencephalography can’t be funny?

Electroencephalography (or EEG for short) is a terrifying monitoring technology that tracks your brain activity in real time, scanning what you react to whether you know you’re reacting or not Also, the perfect technology to prove that the Top Comic comedians will make you laugh (even if you’re laughing on the inside). It’s called science. Actually, it’s called H.A.H.A. 

The Future of Comedy

Role: ACD

Hey Keith, tell me a joke about the demise of our labour industries.

Slowly but surely, the robots are taking over. Not like “taking over” taking over, but like “doing our jobs”. I mean, grocery stores have us cashing ourselves out. Ourselves! But one thing’s for sure, robots will never be able to automate the humour, creativity, and timing of a Top Comic. They’re the future of comedy. And we proved it by making the world’s first automated stand-up comedian. His name is Keith, and he sucks.

Dick’s Pizza

Role: CW / AD

“Wow, you really went for it.”
- Most people

What happens when a failed comedian (with an incredibly juvenile sense of humour) decides to open their own business. Say, a pizzeria. And let’s just say that they take this “jokes on you” mentality to the nth degree and entirely disregard any sense of a viable business plan. Introducing Dick’s Pizza - the fake pizzeria that really opened in Toronto that tricked people into voting for a Top Comic. We made the front page of reddit, were featured on PornHub’s instagram, and other highlights that aren’t as good.

Help a Comedian

Role: CW / AD

What if the comedians took over?

Comedians have this incredibly ability to turn anything into a joke. Meaning they could turn any career into a joke. Meaning we should support them to prevent this from happening. This was our first campaign for Top Comic and the only time we’ve shaved a dog to look like it’s having sex with itself.






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